Saturday, 10 November 2012

Work In Progress: Pendraken Cuirassiers

I've finally finished painting my first wing of King’s Lifeguard Musketeers. The 24 English Civil War 10mm models by “Pendraken Miniatures” have taken me approximately a fortnight to complete, rather longer than I anticipated. But they now only require basing before they’re ‘table ready’.
To be honest the slight problems I've had painting some of these models has made this mini painting project a somewhat disheartening experience, so before I turn my attention to the second wing of Foot Battle Line, I'm going to temporarily turn my attention towards painting a small unit of cavalry for the Royalist Army’s Battalia of Horse. This unit of Heavy Horse will consist entirely of models from code EC11 Cuirassier; with the 12 horsemen forming the Royalist army’s single Lifeguard Cuirassier unit.

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