Sunday, 20 January 2013

Work In Progress: More Pendraken Cuirassiers

I'm continuing to potter away painting twelve models from “Pendraken Miniatures” English Civil War code EC11 Cuirassiers. The North Yorkshire based company have recently released photographs on their Forum of some new ECW cavalry greens that’ll be imminently replacing their current codes as they’re “top of the moulding queue”. I must confess that this announcement somewhat deflated my already wilting enthusiasm for painting these Heavy Horse, as the new models are such a vast improvement on the rigid (somewhat monotonous) pose of the identical model I'm currently repeatedly painting. However none of these new models have the plumed helmet that I'm using to identify this Royalist regiment as that of the King’s Lifeguard. I could obviously add such a plume using green stuff, but for now I plan to finish what I started and then use the new models (when they're released) as an addition to this Battalia of Horse once it is time to expand the unit’s size from small to standard (for “Pike & Shotte”).

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